Introduction of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122)

The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) is the leading emergency service of South Asia. Rescue 1122 has been established under the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006 for professional management of emergencies such as road traffic crashes, medical emergencies, building collapse, fire, hazardous material incidents, explosions, flood & water rescue and animal rescue etc. Rescue 1122 has rescued millions of emergency victims through its Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and Community Emergency Response Teams while maintaining its swift response and standards in all districts of Punjab province with an estimated population of over 127 million.

The Emergency Services Academy has also been established in Lahore to ensure sustainable human resource development of emergency services in Pakistan which has so far trained over 24,000 emergency services personnel of all provinces of Pakistan. The Pakistan Rescue Team of this Academy is the first United Nations INSARAG certified team in South Asia. The Academy also organized the first SAARC Rescue Challenge.

This Emergency Rescue Service has so far rescued over 14 million victims of accidents and disasters and saved losses over Rs. 644 billion by providing timely response and professional fire fighting in over 222,000 fire incidents. The Motorbike Ambulance Service has also been launched to further improve emergency response in congested areas and traffic jams. This Motorbike service has responded over 1.8 million emergencies with an average response time of around 4 minutes which is an achievement even internationally.

Rescue 1122 has also established over 5000 Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in all Union Councils of Punjab and also started the Rescue Cadet Corps (RCC) program to train over 1 million Rescue Scout (Volunteers) to established healthy, resilient and safer communities in Pakistan.
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